Monday, February 21, 2005

Letting the World In

I can't ever recall a time as busy, chaotic, or intense as these past few weeks and it looks like the coming month will be the same. As I run with my clients, if I can teach them one thing only, it would be to find some quiet time and space to think; a place to walk and get some fresh air to just 'be'.

When I talk about that, many tell me it's running away and ask me as a Coach how could I prescribe running away to my clients when they should tackle the chaos head on?

I was thinking a great deal about that. I need to speed up to the life of the client to teach them to slow down to the speed of no longer react but instead respond to the chaos. And the first step towards that is solitude. It's not escaping the world. It's clearing away all the 'stuff' and letting the world in.

Something to remember when you feel guilty even for a second to a break and go off somewhere. You'll come back more focused, energized and centered and will be ready to tackle the world!

So toss that guilt right out the window. Stop for a moment and enjoy what's right there in front of you before jumping right back into the center of it all. The difference is, now you'll be ready for whatever comes your way.

Donna Karlin

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