Monday, April 03, 2006

The Rest of Your Life

As we get older, we tend to look at the rest of our lives rather than the next 5, 10 or even 15 years. We look at what we want to get out of our days, what we can contribute, how we can enjoy our lives more and embrace life in all its contexts.

It’s easier to look at our lives from the perspective of “This is what I want to live, never mind for the next little while, but forever.” It’s more than goal setting; it’s lifestyle changes. We also tend to look at life from the perspective of “I’ve had enough of this. It’s time to move on.” And the questions become “What’s so important to me that I want it….I want it now and forever?” and “What don’t I want any more that I’ve put up with for way too long?”

Once you accept responsibility for everything in your life two things happen. First of all you are no longer a victim of what life seems to hand you and life becomes simpler, and secondly, you take back the power to change your future and create the life you love.

Once we get older we’re more open to the possibilities of what lies ahead. It’s more important than ever to prune your life of toxic relationships, ways of being and mindsets that no longer have value. Once we get rid of all that holds us back, the choice to keep what is working and embrace what we want is much clearer.

I cannot imagine ever retiring. The choice I made to become a coach was as much based on who I am as what I do for a living. It gives me the opportunity to connect with amazing people all over the world, to create, experiment with new concepts and ideas and, most importantly, wake up every morning wanting to jump into the deep end of each day no matter what it would bring. I do what I do for the joy of it. That’s the bottom line.

I am crafting a life with the pieces of the puzzle I want around forever. And knowing I’m the one creating my own future gives a comfort level that goes beyond anything I’d ever experienced. It doesn’t mean life won’t change on a daily basis. What it does mean is I’m the one responsible for how I live through the choices I make.

So look at your puzzle of life, what are the 10 pieces you want to keep forever and what are the ones you need to discard to make room them? What no longer fits? What are you ready to let go of that’s no longer serving you?

Looking forward…
Donna Karlin

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