Monday, January 08, 2007

High Performance Culture

How do you define true leadership? Many define it as a position within an organization, though that term more defines a level of power rather than someone others will follow. Leadership can be found at every level of an organization by virtue of a person’s way of being. It’s a matter of paying attention so you discover these individuals and then do something to grow them into their level of excellence.

The concept or term of leadership is bantered about, debated and dialogued from more perspectives that I can count, but as an Executive Shadow Coach a major focus is to identify leadership capabilities in every level of an organization, and who the rising stars might be. It’s also figuring out the dimensions of leaders and followers and who needs to get out of the way to make sure that evolutionary flow happens.

Leadership is not defined by position of power. I know way too many people in powerful positions that paralyze an organization. From an Executive Coach’s point of view, and in order to look at the dynamics that will help evolve both the organization and the individuals within it, I have to look at what will develop a high performance organizational culture and that is determined by it’s leaders.

A piece of that puzzle is stoking a fire within people, not under them. Once I help them align with their passions, that fire is lit and nothing will stop them. The resulting energy and momentum automatically creates a high performance culture. If that isn’t the status quo within your organization, what are you doing to change it? How often have you seen someone shine and didn’t acknowledge them or do anything about it? Staff retention is one thing, but what caliber of staff do you want to retain? Those who fly or those who coast?

Donna Karlin

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