Friday, July 25, 2003

Centered Self / Selfishness

One of the most difficult things to do for most of my clients is taking time for themselves. Their homework the first day "Take a half hour just for you. Tell your family, S/O etc that unless the house is burning down or there's a real emergency, you're not to be disturbed until the end of that half hour." I could ask them to stretch in pretty much any direction to increase their comfort zone, but there's something about asking them to be a bit selfish for a moment that pushes their buttons. When I started out, I used to tell them to take an hour and that was REALLY pushing it. So I reduced it to a half hour.... for starters : ) and just as they're coming to terms with that, I increase it. OK, so I never said I was supposed to make their lives easy. Better, yes....easier, least at that moment in time. Once they begin to replenish their inner selves, their lives DO get easier.

For most of us, taking time...that very precious commodity, is being selfish. Well I have news for you... selfish is in. Remember what the flight attendant tells you when you get on a plane? "Put your oxygen mask on first before helping anyone else" You don't give to yourself, sooner than later there will be nothing to give others. And taking that time to "just be" is a beginning. Find a place, either physical or mental where you can let go of all the stresses of the day and allow all sorts of wonderful thoughts and ideas just fill your mind. It's not about escaping the's finding your inner balance with which to bring all the wonders of the world in, without the chaos and pressures of the day. This is the most precious gift you could give yourself....the gift of peace, quiet and introspection. And somehow, life has a way of rushing in, even more beautiful than before.


Donna Karlin

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