Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gift of a Gift

I just received a gift of the book Gift from the Sea. Just by reading the introduction I've already fallen in love with this book and know I will be reading it more than once. To quote the intro "The book makes it possible to quiet down and rest in the present, no matter what the circumstances might be. ....Even the sway and flow of language and cadence seem to me to make reference to the easy, inevitable movements of the sea."

I love being by the water, whether a lake, river or ocean. It's powerful while at the same time, mesmerising and helps me maintain my center and a sense of calm.

I often ask my clients to think of a place in nature that they can visualize when in the middle of a crisis or challenge. By closing their eyes even for a few moments and thinking of that special place, they find their center, breathe differently and after a minute or so can re-enter the chaos in a more reflective and responsive way.

I just ordered 5 more to give to the special women in my life. Gift From the Sea was a gift in more ways than one: Firstly that a dear friend thought of me to send it, the gift of the book itself, and one that I can pass on others to enjoy as well.


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