Monday, November 08, 2010

You're a Manager...Now What?

People in positions of leadership aren't necessarily great leaders. Many are promoted into high level positions and they're not sure they can do the job. Many think if they refuse a promotion it's a career-ender. So they take a breath, take the job and then ask "Now what?"

I just read an article from the Wall Street Journal "Bosses Overestimate Their Managing Skills". Many never questioned their ability to lead others in their first year as a manager. In my experience Shadow Coaching clients to help them integrate into their new role, many don't question their ability to lead because they're afraid of looking at what comes up in the answers.

People don't necessarily have blind spot about where they're weak. They do have fears about others seeing weakness which is why they rarely shine a light on them. Thing is, most people will say they respect a leader who admits to not having all the answers, especially when they listern, learn and co-create with their peers and staff.

What do you think?

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