Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our Planet as 'a Limited Condition'

I was watching Carter Emmart's 3D atlas of the universe on TED.com for the umpteenth time. Something about it, other than the obvious, keeps me coming back to watch it again and again. He speaks about understanding out planet as a limited condition. We have finite resources available to us and yet, in many instances, we have to be told how to use them wisely as we haven't yet figured out that they will run out soon enough. 

Looking at this video what comes to mind is how small a speck in the universe each of us is and yet, one person can change the world even one person at a time. Collectively we are powerful. One person saying "Who am I to change the world?" can also impact others if them in turn step back and let other people do what has to be done to ensure a sustainable world. People are our most valuable resource. If we lead through a sense of humanity, we will thrive and if we lead trying to have power over others, we won't. This video is a reminder that even though the world is so much bigger than each of us, it's what houses and nourishes us all both as a physical planet and by the people who inhabit it.

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