Monday, November 22, 2010

The Power of our Beliefs

I love working with university students and lately, I especially love working with students in business programs. Why? Because their minds are bombarded by so much external information they're not even aware of how limiting that can be, and how these beliefs shape our personal operating systems. They are absorbing everything around them. They look at savvy marketing specialists, advertising, the bottom line financials, business models and so on.  What they don't look at is how much of this creates an environment that promotes limiting beliefs.

When they start to understand what beliefs are limiting and which beliefs help them fly in their careers, they begin to 'get it'. Even those who have a sense of what their operating systems and beliefs are, rarely look at their implications. That's where coaching these groups of students and having conversations with them (rather than speaking at them) builds greater awareness. Once they start recognizing the power of their beliefs, what supports them and what holds them back they will start creating something unique to them and have a much better chance of leaving the program heads above the crowd. That's the best part of my job; supporting students to evolve into their level of excellence.

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