Monday, September 29, 2003

Hidden Treasures

One of the programs I do with my clients is the ‘Clean Sweep Program’ where you clean out all aspects of your life.....physical space at home, at work, car, closets, experiences that are toxic and people who drain you of energy (OK so I’m sure there’s a more tactful way of putting it....though this is the unvarnished truth and that again is another blog to come...).

As I was working with a client last week, tossing out years of outdated paperwork I joked with him that maybe it was time I started with my office. (It was worth the shock factor : )

And even though my office is in order, the rest could use a bit of work. Cleaning out drawers and closets to most people is not a thrill, but for me, it unearthed all kinds of treasures.

The Treasures:

My report cards from Kindergarten and Grade 5, along with a Grade 5 class picture which brought back memories of old school friends and teachers I loved and those I didn’t like as much.....a note from my son from when he first started to write, in huge letters saying "You are sleeping. Please come and get me when you wake up" .......remembering that he gently lay it on my shoulder (which of course woke me at the time). Hand written minutes from a meeting. Not just any meeting but from our family club which we had when I was a kid. All hundreds of my relatives (or so it seemed) getting together monthly sharing family stories, milestones, victories and tragedies, skits and poems and celebrations. We couldn’t wait for those nights! Pictures from mock weddings, my first dog, Columbo, and so many other priceless treasures. All to be stored carefully to be passed on one day.

Just imagine what could be waiting for you among all the rubbish. Your own personal treasure hunt!

A still reminiscing,

Donna Karlin

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