Tuesday, September 30, 2003


def: The condition or quality of keeping still or silent.

There are so many interpretations. It could be soothing...to reintroduce yourself to the world in all its splendor, even if it’s only to hear the sound of a gentle breeze. There’s silence that’s imposed where you’re shut out and ignored by lack of word or acknowledgment. That silence can be very hurtful...even more than words spoken in anger. Silence can lead one to feel insignificant.

And then there’s the silence that brings comfort and centeredness....when we choose to find a place of quiet even if it’s within ourselves.....time to reflect, be, imagine, dream, fantasize, create....or do nothing at all. It’s the perfect place to "listen" to life and take it all in.

Take a moment of quiet. What do you hear?


Donna Karlin

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