Friday, September 19, 2003

The Norwich Tree

I'm just back from Norwich, Norfolk, UK helping my son get settled in school. A new school, city and country for him. He's approaching this phase of his life as he does everything else...with enthusiasm and energy. The first morning there, we wandered from the Bed and Breakfast where we were staying to the Law School so Michael could see where he would be spending most of the next 12 months in post-graduate study. It was right out of a 15th century novel. A manor house once owned by an upper crust nobleman is now the School of Law, surrounded by parkland and water, and the most majestic trees I have ever seen. Some of the trees seemed to reach to the sky... trunks wider than my outstretched arms.

But there was one tree that stood out among all the rest...

There's a history of trees and my son.

When he started his undergraduate course here in Ottawa, he found a tree he loved at the side of the river that bordered the school. It was older and definitely had character and I would often find him sitting on the grass leaning back against it.

Somehow I think he'll be doing the same in Norwich.

This is no ordinary has a past and presence in it's size. It's strong and sturdy and in the centre of a place of incredible natural beauty. We watched many with their dogs walking through the fields, enjoying the surroundings. There's a bench at the foot of the tree and remnants of a wooden swing which once hung from a sturdy branch. It doesn't matter where he is...he'll always find his place of peace and quiet where he'll be able to focus, or not and just let the world in. We should all have a place like this....where we can just be and let the beauty of the surroundings permeate our beings.

I wonder how many before him have done the same thing? I could close my eyes and almost see the past merge with the present. A perfect place for him to try his wings and fly. I can't wait to sit back and watch.

Donna Karlin

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