Thursday, January 01, 2004

Dawn of a New Year

A new year dawns....we begin 2004 with hopes, dreams and for some, resolutions.

Last night I was with good friends....some long time and some newer and it was wonderful. Even the ones I just met were the kind of people who you felt you knew forever, not were meeting for the first time. We were just enough to sit around the table, no huge party, loud music or heavy imbibing. What we did have was sharing of wonderful memories, stories of our kids and families, never ending laughter and some broken telephone conversation which turned out so funny it should have been on reality TV, though no one would ever have believed it! (And I promise not to mention the paper hats and noise makers).

I walked into my friends' house with a feeling of welcome and left with a smile in my heart knowing I was indeed very welcome. Linda and Steve and my family go way back. My dad and brother used to kid me about calling them up to meet them when I moved to Ottawa and by chance, not phone, I did. We laugh a lot about that day. It's something I'll never forget. Now I kid my family back that they might have met them first but I see them more often! They live right around the corner. And Betty and Ed who live in the other direction around another corner always look out for me, even when I'm not aware of it. I am surrounded by incredible friends.

A few minutes before midnight we watched the ball in Times Square descend to call in 2004 and I made my wishes for the new year. Resolutions no.....wishes and intentions, yes. While I was sitting there laughing and sharing with my friends I realised I didn't see them as often as I'd like and I intend to change that for the new year. And there are others who don't live around the corner, too far away, who I miss very much and intend to do something about seeing them more as well....or maybe get them to move here? Now that would be the best of the best! Hey I DID say there were wishes made too.

My son leaves in 3 days to go back to the UK (much too short a trip home!) and I intend to write more and surprise him with packages from home now and then (Michael, you didn't read that). I intend to be more aware of those around me and the wonderful parts of the world that are right there before my eyes. I don't intend to do more, rather a bit less so I can stop now and then and let the world in, instead of running around inside it.

And I intend to let the special people in my life know they are just that.

So I ask you, when is the last time you picked up the phone or wrote to someone who makes you smile from the inside out to tell them just that? How many people are you speaking to because you have to, not because you want to and then have no energy to speak to those who matter the most? And what does that say about your priorities and how much the special people who bless your life are valued?

If a list of people come to mind, why wait? Why not call or write them now? You know how you feel when you hear the smiles in their voices on the other end of the phone. MUCH better than being sucked dry of energy from duty calls. Just do it. You'll feel great, I promise you.....and so will they.

And lastly, what do you intend for you in the new year? Whatever it is, I wish you the courage, strength and focus for them to happen.

Donna Karlin

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