Monday, January 12, 2004

Roles and Goals

I've had many a debate with friends and colleagues about goal setting. I used to work with my clients on setting goals, and lately have replaced long term goal setting with 'daily intentions'. These are more powerful for the simple reason they're immediate, and ultimately help us get to where we want to go.

However after rethinking the process of setting goals, and I know this will create a great deal more debate, I realised it's just as, if not more important to determine what your roles are in life, personal and professional and work from there. If you choose your most important roll as manager, parent, friend for example and work on those, your life will automatically balance itself.

So instead of asking yourself what goals you can set in the four areas of life, ask what the most important thing is you can do in each of your roles. For eg. "What is the most important role I have as a parent this week?" "What is most important for me to do in my role as manager or leader?" Then build on them using your weekly schedule and choice of activities. Plug time in for each and slowly you'll see everything fall into place.

Donna Karlin

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