Friday, January 16, 2004

Field of Dreams Concept

"Build it and they will come". I'm not sure what was more popular...the movie or the message behind it. Those three words are used regularly in every possible context. The movie? Not earth shattering, but there's something about it that resonates within me. I love it. I can't tell you how many times I've watched it. And when I think of the concept "build it and they will come", that too can be applied to so many things in life.

Build a successful company or organisation and people will flock to you, wanting to be a part of it, be a customer, supplier, team name it. Build a great name for yourself and you'll have people knocking down your door, or at the very least, thinking off you first and foremost for your area of expertise. And build a friendship, relationship, anything based on integrity and passion and you'll be unstoppable.

You know what it's like for the "popular ones"..... those who are surrounded by people wherever they go. People want to listen, share, be a part of their life. They're not always sure why. There's a level of energy present that they thrive on. Similarly in a that meshes, deeper, more powerful than others, incorporating an intuitive level that enables you to know what the other person is feeling even when they don't verbalise it. A perfect fit in every way. "Build it and they will come".....They will to those who have an aura of self-confidence that exudes strength and power. It's very seductive.

People like this make things happen. For those who try to be like this....putting on a fa├ž never seems to work, or, if it does, it's not for long. It only applies when it's an integral part of who that person is, not for what they'll get out of a situation behaving this way but because they believe in themselves and everything in their lives with a passion and surety.

Build yourself into who you want to be and before you know it, your circle of friends, colleagues, and circle of influence will grow exponentially. It's being you, not someone everyone else thinks you should be. And when you're not only accepted for yourself, but are celebrated because of it, you're already there.

They WILL come.

Donna Karlin

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