Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Who are You Thankful For?

As I've said many times, "It's not what I have in my life that's important, it's who".

I was creating some material for a client on the "Seven Environments of You" and one of the questions in the people section I often ask is "Who are you thankful for?" I am usually so focused on the needs of my client that I create the material with only that person in mind. But as my afternoon freed up and I had some extra time to ponder, I started asking myself the same question.

This is what came to me. I share this with the hope that you'll do the same, take time to think about this and share it with the people who have made a difference in your life. Unless you tell them, they might never know....

I'm thankful for my family who have always supported me unconditionally in all my endeavors. And my friends...the true friends who take time to be interested in what's happening in my life, sharing in my victories and challenges, celebrating the first and helping me through the latter. My son, who is my best teacher and biggest fan, who always keeps me on my toes and lets me into his life so I can share in it, even from so far away. Well, maybe he's not my biggest fan, because that might be shared by my friend David who always applauds everything I do and never agrees with or imagines there's anything I can't do and reminds me that being me is perfectly OK. And the teachers I've had in my life who have encouraged me to pull myself forward and never stop asking questions and looking for a different way. Bottom line, they taught me never to think the words 'no' or 'impossible' or that something can't be done, because there is always a way.

I'm thankful for my clients who, without often knowing it, help me grow and learn and trust me enough to let me into their heads and hearts and help them find their way to creating a better life. And in that I don't separate work and home, as they're all one. They aren't just clients, there are an important part of my life and have enriched it immeasurably.

You know...just thinking this feels darn good. It's a reminder that I am surrounded by some pretty awesome people and there's nothing better than that.

So I ask you, who are you thankful for? Who has made such a profound difference in your life that you can't imagine ever going back to the way it was before knowing them? How have they helped you, encouraged and supported you and when was the last time you told them just that?

There's no time like now.

Wishing you the best...
Donna Karlin

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