Wednesday, May 28, 2003

In creating new material for my clients, I decided to go back to an old concept, the one of the wheel. The spokes of a wheel are what keep it centered, allow it to turn, and carry its load. We need balanced strength in order to benefit from the advantage of movement the wheel gives us. If the different aspects of our lives aren't in balance, then the wheel won't be balanced and won't turn. We won't move forward in life, we'll stay stagnant, perhaps even move in a backwards direction into the nearest rut.

That is why we don't re-invent the wheel only redesign the exteriors, keeping the essential structure as it is. It gets us where we want to go in the smoothest possible way, provided that we keep all parts of its structure in balance....and when one goes out of sync, we do something to fix it or we end up driving on a "flat tire".

How many of you would drive on the highway with a flat tire? You'd have it fixed immediately. And why would our every day lives be any less important for us to think we can "drive" through day after day, fixing that tire later? Something eventually breaks down.

We tend to work on areas of our lives which come easiest to us, thus ignoring the areas that give us the most challenge. The key is being aware of what’s working in our lives and what isn’t and to use our time and energy in fixing what most needs to be fixed, resulting in having a "centered" life.

Enjoy your day..

Donna Karlin

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