Saturday, May 24, 2003

One of my favourite topics of conversation is "happiness". Whenever a client says to me "I'll be happy when..." that's an invitation for me to push a button. My answer is always the same "Why should your happiness be conditional on anything or anyone else? Happiness is a choice". And thus the debate begins....

When we think and believe our happiness hinges on a new job, car, house or relationship, we set ourselves up for failure. What inevitably happens is when we acquire these things, we're happy for a while until the car is no longer new and shiny, the relationship wears thin and we need new external influences to keep our mind off what's truly important. However when we choose to be happy regardless of circumstance everything that comes our way is a bonus.

I've always maintained it's who I have in my life that makes it extraordinary....not what. And in that I am truly blessed.


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