Saturday, May 31, 2003

We are redefining the way we work and relate to one another

I encourage people to ask questions about what's not working for them and what is really standing in their way of performing and leading.

Awareness is the first step to succeeding in a world that is changing, day by day. The basic question "What do you want?" might sound simple at first, however it is very often the most difficult question for clients to answer. It's usually far easier for them to list what they don't want rather than what they do.

Once this is clarified the most effective way to make your dreams happen, is to put yourself there. It's already happened....the Coach's work backwards and determine what it is you did to get there. Take yourself out of the equation for a moment. We're our worst enemies when it comes to sabotage. If you take yourself out of it, accept yourself as being as worthy as the next person to achieve whatever it is that's important to you, it'll happen.

Visualize it until you can reach out and touch it. See it in your mind's eye with all the wonderful changes in life it'll bring you. And if you want it badly enough, nothing will stand in your way.

It's not determining the time to "try" it....for NOW is as good as any, though better than most.

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