Thursday, May 22, 2003

One of my dreams is that all health care providers Coach their patients as well as treat them. Some how, some way I am determined to make that start in my own city and community....and later hopefully, to join with other Coaches around the world to help them make it happen in their neck of the woods. For years I've been Coaching patients individually. For my dream to become a reality, however, it's not enough to Coach one person at a time. What will make my dream a reality will be teaching others to Coach. Enabling patients to be responsible for their care and well-being is so empowering....and, in many cases, easier to do than most think. One patient who was diagnosed with treatable cancer, was in the mind-set that he wouldn't live through it. I bought him a planner....asked him to record all his appointments, work schedule, social commitments and keep track of his own agenda. A week or so later, I called and asked what was on the agenda for the weekend. He listed all the things he had in his planner.

My only comment to him was "So I guess you are going to wake up tomorrow". And what I got back was "Touche. I get it now" with a smile in his voice. It's all in perspectives. His had changed. Now he intended to wake up every morning if he had any choice in the matter.

How many of us make a negative intention come true for no reason whatsoever? And how would it be if we always looked at the glass as half full?

I intend to enjoy my you?

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