Friday, October 03, 2003


“Stand often in the company of dreamers:
they tickle your common sense and
believe you can achieve things which are impossible”
- Mary Anne MBL Radmacher

The key people in my life are dreamers...the ones who spur me on and make me believe, without even trying, that I can do anything I can put my mind and heart to. These people share their dreams with me as I do with them and through them, we truly live our lives to the fullest. Few try to stop me from achieving my dreams. Those who do have had a difficult life and feel only a select few deserve to realise their Mexican Crabs (I’ll post that one later).

My dreams can take me me create, imagine, paint a picture I want my life to look like. That place is magical. we dream is what gives our lives value. How we choose to live is what determines whether our dreams have value.


Donna Karlin

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