Friday, November 21, 2003


Life is always opening new and unexpected things to us. There is no monotony in living to him who walks even the quietest and tamest path with open and perceiving eyes. The monotony of life, if life is monotonous to you, is in you, not in the world” - Phillip Brooks

One of my pet peeves is listening to people complain of boredom. How can one be bored in a world filled with an endless supply of music, art, books, never mind extraordinary people? One of the things I love about my work, and there are many, are the wonderful people who I’ve met and learned from. Every day there is some interaction which brings a smile to my face and a question or two I look to answer. Whether that question is within myself out there to discover in the world, or both, the answers enrich my life immeasurably. And then I look for more questions.

I listen for new music, or look for that word I’d never heard of before. It’s not a matter of “having time” it’s having awareness that it’s there, surrounding us in some way every day.

I love interacting with those around me as I run with clients. On a break here and there I always throw a question at a past client or colleague. I can’t wait for their answer. Now, they expect and anticipate the unexpected, especially when it comes from me. So even if my break is minutes and I scramble to keep up with my email (no..... we won’t go there right now : ) I find myself surrounded by people and questions, but most important laughter. It brings a new spring to my step, a few more questions that come to mind.

They will wait for another day so I can absorb the present one.

Boredom? Never. I can’t imagine it. There’s just too much waiting to discover.

Donna Karlin

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