Sunday, November 16, 2003


One of the most invaluable tools one can learn is centering....meditation, guided or otherwise, to help you find that calm in the eye of a storm, better known as life as we all seem to be experiencing it these days. Finding that calm is something we need to do every day. It is said that a 15 minute centering is equivalent to an hour’s sleep for your body, a 45 minute centering equivalent to 5 hours sleep.

When we build healthy reserves in our life, it prevents problems. You all know how you feel when you’re sleep deprived, stressed, overworked. All it takes is that one final straw.....

Finding the calm in the centre of the storm is something we need to do every day. The paradox of life is that change is constant and we are consistently confronted with the unexpected. This may throw us into a state of imbalance and anxiety.

If I can use a storm as a metaphor, there is a central point of stillness. And in that area the storm rages all around but the centre is calm..... there is a void. Whether the storm lies within us as turmoil from something we’re dealing with in life or around us in our workplace, we must find the centre of stillness, peace and quiet for us to not only weather the storm but become stronger as a result of it.

It connects to being Mindful...”Paying attention to what’s inside and outside of ourselves and then reflecting in a non-judgmental way on what is and why.” In order to do that we need stillness. We have to slow ourselves down, clear our minds. It gives us insights into behaviours and ideas.

If you practice this often, it will become second nature and allow you to take a step back in challenging situations and find that "eye" or "centre" while the storm rages around you. And in that stillness, an idea or answer will come and you will have the focus and energy to find a solution. We all find the energy we need in a crisis but that is expensive energy. It depletes and creates cracks in our foundation of well-being. Change your source of energy.

Whether or not you are willing to find a tape or vehicle to do a centering, to begin, find a place in nature that nourishes you...feeds you with a sense of peace. Then take a step back from life to allow life in.

Donna Karlin

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