Sunday, November 16, 2003


"From the East comes the sun,
Bringing a new and unspoiled day.
It has already circled the Earth and
Looked upon distant lands and
Far-away peoples.

It has passed over mountain ranges and
The waters of the seven seas.
It has shown upon laborers in the fields,
Into the windows of homes,
And shops, and factories.

It has beheld cities with gleaming towers,
And also the hovels of the poor.
It has been witness to both good and evil,
The works of honest men and women and
The conspiracy of knaves.

It has seen marching armies, bomb-blasted villages
And "the destruction that wasteth at noonday."
Now, unsullied from its tireless journey,
It comes to us,
Messenger of the morning.
Harbinger of a new day."
- Clinton Lee Scott

As I read what's going on in the world...I wonder if many stop to realise what it is we're blessed with, even if it's just the morning sun and, for those who are lucky enough, the possibility to "do it better" on a new have the opportunity of living a new day.

And as I read this beautiful poem I thought of new friends a world (or so it seems) away in Indonesia. I've never met them....I know them through another, who I am honoured to call friend.

Whenever I read something like this, knowing they'll be experiencing tomorrow sooner than me, I silently hope they live their tomorrows in peace and serenity, that the horrors of the world not touch them personally.

If we all felt that way, wouldn't the world be one of peace? And if all it takes is changing the way you think and look at the world and life and how people have the right to peace, why can't it happen?

All the best...
Donna Karlin

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