Monday, November 03, 2003


Imagination disposes of everything; it creates beauty, justice, happiness, which is everything in the world. - Blaise Pascal

Years ago when visiting Epcot Center with my son, he was enthralled with a character from Kodak, named Figment. He was a purple and pink dragon who made you smile with his antics and as he flew above us in his unique hot air balloon, he captured our hearts and stayed with us in more ways than one.

Just before leaving on our trip, this was going to be a post-op visit to Norfolk first then a treat to Disney afterwards....we bought a puppy Golden Retriever, who wasn’t old enough to take home yet. We left him at the breeder’s, planning to pick him up after we returned home. We were tossing around names for him and in a split second, my small son turned and said “Figment. I want to name him Figment and we can call him Figgy for short”. He was that colour...a deep fig cognac colour so this would be perfect all around. And Michael was so excited about getting his puppy that his imagination ran rampant.

Now I don’t suggest you all run out and get a puppy (though that’s a daily temptation for me so we won’t go there : ) But I do suggest you let your imagination free. You see, imagination is a funny thing. There’s no right way to imagine or just is. It can be as bizarre as you like without boundaries. What’s in your mind is yours alone....created by and for you, to help you wonder at the possibilities.

What if...

And if it happens to be a purple and pink dragon, then so be it!

Donna Karlin

This quote was one shared in a comment tonight. I wanted to share it with you as I think it's extraordinary. "Imagination is the distance between improbability and will. That may be an impossibly long way if you aren't looking up." - Michael A. Karlin (my son : )

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